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B2C Recharge Software

The quick and easy solution to every mobile, prepaid data card and DTH recharges lie here. Our B2B and B2C online portals offer the best through the latest software and technology. Recharges can be done anywhere, for any user, at any time, for any amount and that too for any service provider. It just cannot get better than this. So many options are available with one single SIM.

All the advantages of multiple recharges for multiple providers can be done through a single SIM.

Yes, that's right! A single SIM. All you need is one account and one mobile. There is no need for multiple accounts or to learn any new system. All it takes is one easy SMS request to be sent to a virtual number. This virtual number will send the request to our server which will process it and act instantly. Once the recharge is done, our unique server will send the confirmation number via SMS to the user. This reduces the chances of fraud or mistakes that can occur.

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